SG Engineering Hungary Kft.

Established in 2004, our company, SG Engineering Hungary Ltd., is a venture of Hungarian ownership. Our main activities are machining of metals and manufacturing of components. We are present on both the domestic and the international market.  

Our specialities are:

– We are able to machine virtually all kinds of materials, such as various types of steel, aluminium, plastics, brass, etc.

– We have great experience in machining extraordinary materials with extreme mechanical properties, such as tungsten alloys, titanium, hiduron, monel, inconel, etc..

We aim at offering complex solutions to our customers. Having become aware of our customers’ needs we think together and co-operate with them in order to find the optimal solution each time. Based on considerations defined by the customer (manufacturing time, resistance to wear, cost, tolerances, etc.), we make a proposal including all relevant manufacturing details. 

Our activities and quality control are of full scope: our well-trained and experienced staff holds the entire process in their hands from the purchase of raw materials, all the way through manufacturing and quality control to the packaging of finished products. 

We are committed to continuous improvement, within the framework of which we continuously:

– our production facilities and infrastructure, and;

– our quality management system in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

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